January 8, 2013

Small Dresser / Side Table

About 3 months ago I snatch this baby : ) for free 
This thing might not look heavy: OH, BUT IT IS. My sister Nadia helped me getting it to the 3rd floor, because there is no way I could have done it myself.

I know, I know, usually you post how the thing looked before, but I thought why not do it the opposite way :)
Sadly, I do not have picture of how it looked before (lets just say it was uuuugly), but I have a photo of it being spray painted.
Before painting it, I have fixed the bottom drawer because it didn't want to close and just with tiny little adjustment to the hardware, the job was done.
 I didn't do anything fancy with this dresser, just decided to paint it without primer, and because I didn't have one at the time, I did a little experiment to work without the primer.  Keep in mind that I give it a good scrub with electric sander, I used 120 sand paper.

I have placed this dresser in baby's room, and let my sister use it while she is visiting me here in WA.

If you are wondering why knobs are green, it's because my baby's dresser/changing table has green knobs (look below)

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