April 2, 2015

Upcycled Accent Chair

When I was expecting with Alyonushka back in July 2012, I've come across this garage sale, nothing good there, but then I saw this beauty sitting there and waiting... just for me : ) I really needed a chair that would be good for my back. Since 14 I had minor back pain. Regular rocking chair would not do for me, and this one, surprisingly was so soft and perfect for my back.
Lady sold the chair for $15. 
When I brought it home I think my in-laws thought I was crazy to buy something like this.
It has been sitting in my garage for about a month, and then the "journey" began.  I headed down to Portland's Fabric Depot they have some serious stuff there.  It was challenge to choose from so many awesome fabrics, but in the end I have decided to go crazy with light fabric and pink color. 

Because of my "belly" I couldn't do much, so I had to "assist" my hubby with the works. Here he's removing old staplers, and fabric. (someone tried reupholstering this before)

Good thing about this chair that it came from a smoke free home, had no bad odor, just ugly fabric and ugly paint job. We decided to keep the foam because I don't think I would be able to cut such nice bowl shape on my own.

Just take another look how ugly it was

After chair was completely stripped we took it down to garage for spray paint.  To sand it I used 120 sand paper, then 250. It took me a while just because I was a noob at this.
For this project we used Krylon Gloss White Spray Paint. It took us few coats to get it to that nice white color.

I used old fabric as a pattern, traced it on new peace and whala! Here's photo below of the bottom being reupholstered.

Enjoy before and after

I needed a foot stool for the chair and after a while someone on Craigslist was giving this stool for free. Just what I needed so I could start working from scratch.

Cool thing about this stool is that one side could be raised a little so you could get an angle when sitting down.

I used same fabric as the chair, stapeled it with foam and clear plastic (got it from walmart, this thing is thick and won't rip easily)

Spray painted base and then screw the top back on.

Enjoy final results.

***Update 3/18/2015***
Since we upcycled this chair I added trim of upholstery tacks. Surprisingly chair is holding up to Alyonushka :)