January 30, 2013

It has been a while...

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog, but that doesn't mean that there was no progress done in my little "studio". With tiny baby on my hands I can barely get things done around the house let alone squeeze time for my little projects. The only time I get to paint is at night when baby is a sleep with hubby.... Yes I know it's time for her to sleep by herself, I admit we are still co-sleeping (she wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat) 

Stay tune for few reveals that should be posted next week: 2 ikea dressers/night stands, Timmy's desk (these are almost finished)

these are drawers from Timmy's Desk painted and ready to go

In future posts I'll try to share with few tips of painting furniture that have worked for me as a beginner.

January 8, 2013

Bar-stools Pretty Good Find : )

As some of you seen earlier pic in my previous post, my bar area was missing chairs, 
I know I have to do something about that wall : )

I have been keeping eye on Craigslist postings for a while now, and what do you know, I have found pretty good deal for 3 of bar-stools  One of the stools had missing middle of the back, but it still looks pretty good without it and it is as functional as the other two

I was thinking to repaint them black, but then,  I thought the color goes with the kitchen and divides dining area from the kitchen.

After we picked up our stools, me and the hubby went to Ikea to look for a computer chair for our son's desk (little later will post a full reveal of how it turned out)

Turns out one chair cost's $69.99 and I got 3 of them for $45.

Tip: when you see people's posts on Craigslist with "or best offer" take advantage of it!!! Originally the lady was selling chairs for $50, but I saved my self $5 : )
Small Dresser / Side Table

About 3 months ago I snatch this baby : ) for free 
This thing might not look heavy: OH, BUT IT IS. My sister Nadia helped me getting it to the 3rd floor, because there is no way I could have done it myself.

I know, I know, usually you post how the thing looked before, but I thought why not do it the opposite way :)
Sadly, I do not have picture of how it looked before (lets just say it was uuuugly), but I have a photo of it being spray painted.
Before painting it, I have fixed the bottom drawer because it didn't want to close and just with tiny little adjustment to the hardware, the job was done.
 I didn't do anything fancy with this dresser, just decided to paint it without primer, and because I didn't have one at the time, I did a little experiment to work without the primer.  Keep in mind that I give it a good scrub with electric sander, I used 120 sand paper.

I have placed this dresser in baby's room, and let my sister use it while she is visiting me here in WA.

If you are wondering why knobs are green, it's because my baby's dresser/changing table has green knobs (look below)

January 7, 2013

Console Table

Console Table 

Few months back I got this awesome little console table from CraigsList for $15, not bad I would say, because earlier I saw exactly same table on Craigslist for $40. Here's before photo, I don't own a good camera so my photos have been taken with my iPhone.

Our rental duplex has very white walls, that is the reason why I wanted to add some color and why not do it with furniture . I decided to paint it bright turquoise color just to add a little pop.  Originally I wanted the table by the main door downstairs, but then changed my mind and have placed it in the living room by the door where I can put my mail, keys and hubby's things from his pocket : )
To get my project going my sweet hubster prepared an area in the garage, then wearing face mask I got the table sanding.
Because I have never tried to do something like this before I figured that it's best to unscrew the legs: for better sanding and a paint job.

The next step was to prime it, I used Zinsser Cover Stain primer, I heard that it was one of the best out there.  Once the primer was dry I sanded the whole thing by hand with 200 sand paper. 

Paint that I chose was by Valspar, forgot the color name, but it sure did add some color to my living room.
I wanted the table to have a good coverage that is why I used 2 coats of paint. I have sanded in between of each coat. Then I decided to distress it a bit to make it slightly cooler : ) for this step I used 200 sanding paper.

After talking to my sister in-law Jen I realized that I should have taken more photos of the whole process. Don't worry, that will change in the future posts : ) 

Here's finished product.

Look at that cute drawer knob, got it from Lowe's. 

My final step of this project was to seal the top of the table, because it will have lots of wear. One of the Lowe's workers recommended Valspar Clear Sealer.  If you ever planning on using spray sealer make sure that you have a good face mask and the area that you are working in is well ventilated, because it does have a strong smell. 

Here you can see the top nice and glossy!
P.S. don't you just love that little vase : ) my brother in-law David made it form me in his ceramic class.

Let me know what you think of this little transformation.

January 3, 2013


This is just to update what has been happening in our family. 

- Healthy Baby Girl Arrived   (Check)

- Finally settled in our new place (Check)

Look at my hubby so happy : )

- Got some projects done and ongoing (Check)

   *rug under the table was connected from 9 square pieces, cost - $9
   *Master bedroom accent wall painted
     - stay tuned because soon will be posting before and after photos : )
   *Timmy's room completed (thinking to change it a bit)
     - will make a seperate post of how it turned out.    *Baby's room is set up, still need to add curtains, flowing shelves and a rug with recycled t-shirts (will post a tutorial in the future)

   *Chair reupholstered (will post more details) for baby's room

     -ottoman for the chair finally done as well.

So pretty much the house is still empty, but little by little adding some furniture, keep on checking :)