January 8, 2013

Bar-stools Pretty Good Find : )

As some of you seen earlier pic in my previous post, my bar area was missing chairs, 
I know I have to do something about that wall : )

I have been keeping eye on Craigslist postings for a while now, and what do you know, I have found pretty good deal for 3 of bar-stools  One of the stools had missing middle of the back, but it still looks pretty good without it and it is as functional as the other two

I was thinking to repaint them black, but then,  I thought the color goes with the kitchen and divides dining area from the kitchen.

After we picked up our stools, me and the hubby went to Ikea to look for a computer chair for our son's desk (little later will post a full reveal of how it turned out)

Turns out one chair cost's $69.99 and I got 3 of them for $45.

Tip: when you see people's posts on Craigslist with "or best offer" take advantage of it!!! Originally the lady was selling chairs for $50, but I saved my self $5 : )

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