March 25, 2015

Vanity table: organized drawer

As a girl who loves makeup and everything that has to do with it, sadly, I did not have a proper organized system for my things. They all just lived in a bathroom drawer by the mirror. I wanted a vanity table but did not want to spend big on a new one. Lucky for me I found this one for $30 on Craigslist
 and when hubby went to pick it up lady threw in a vanity chair for free (one of the legs was detached, but it was no problem to me, easy fix with little wood glue) I was planning to paint vanity white and reupholster the chair anyway. 
This vanity was made back in early 90's and was well built. It had one big drawer perfect for my things. But I didn't want my makeup to be scattered all over the drawer. I went online to look for ideas and came across this girl on YouTube who had the perfect tutorial (I will attach link later,  as I am not trying to take credit for the idea)
Inside of the drawer was left unpainted because I've planned to cover it anyways.
At a dollar store they sell foam sheets, I got 2 of them. After measuring my drawer I cut foam to desired pieces.
Also while I was at the dollar store I visited home department aisle and found this roll of drawer liners (sticky vinyl) Wrapped each cut out and ta-da!
If I ever get tired of this color I can just disassemble it and wrap it in a different color vinyl (or fabric) To get middle peaches stay in place I secured them with hot glue.

Enjoy final results!

Here's before and after:

Stay tuned for my Vanity Deks Makeover Post.

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