March 1, 2015

Project Master Bedroom: Lamps

This was one of my other freebies. Originaly lamp had a nice shape to it, but I'm not into that ruffle looking lampshade and that color combo. And it happens that my hubby needed a lamp for his night stand.
First what I did was scrubbed it with wet rag really well, then spray it with primer (I had 2 other lamps as well, I like to do things few at a time) 

I didn't want to buy new lampshade just ripped off the ruffle thing and covered it with fabric.

Because it was a cone sort of shape I couldn't just wrap tightly and glue the fabric because of the pattern so then I decided with help of pins to have a soft "ruffle"
Where I had pin I used hot gun to glue fabric in place. Base of the lamp was spray painted yellow. 
When the lights on, lamp has a perfect soft light coming through. I love how it turned out.

Here's before and after side by side.


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