December 19, 2013

Ikea Hack #3: bar stools painted.

This will be another post of my ikea bar stool series, so lay back and enjoy the "ride". About a month ago I have repainted cushions on my ikea bar stools and I have not stopped there, I decided to add even more color to my dining / living area. 

This one was error and trial, I wanted to give a try for chalk paint, I made another batch of my own, some paint from Lowes and got to painting my bar stools, once one stool had couple of coats of paint, I decided that the the paint was just to bright. 

Almost forgot to mention that I did not sand the piece because I wanted to see if the paint will adhere, but I was wrong. Once it dried paint could be easily scratched off. I had to start the process all over again, but this time I have used spray primer.  Put the chairs together to see if I like the white look: Nahhh.

Then I went back to store and got a sample paint but in much darker yellow almost orange, mixed with my old yellow and results came out beautifly. 
Photos show slightly brighter color then it is in reality.
 I think for now I am satisfied with the look and will keep these chairs untouched for a while :)


  1. Are these the ingolf barstools? Also, you did end up sanding right? If you ended up sanding, was it solid wood underneath?

  2. I just sanded mine the legs are wooden, the seat and rounded back are fiber board.