December 11, 2013

IKEA Hack #2: barstools painted cushion

***disclaimer: please excuse my phone quality photos***

A while back I posted my little hack with IKEA barstools, all I did was upholstered them, nothing special.

 For this post I have something interesting to share with you. 
 As time passed I got really bored with the pattern that I chose in the beginning, I have no idea what was I thinking by choosing that granny pattern. This time around I was not really up to reupholstering stools again, that's where the idea came to paint the cushions. 
 I made batch of my own chalk paint, and after 3 coats of paint(I've sanded in between each coat) Now my barstools look  soo much better. If you are wondering about cushions being crunchy: for this step I used wax. Once my final coat of paint dried, I waxed and buffed cushions, now it feels like leather. It has been a month since I've painted them, they are really steardy and so easy to clean, specially after my sons painting/drawing sessions. Just wipe cushions with a damp cloth, and you are good to go.

Another Before and After

Here's all of them together:

P.S. Sometimes in the near future I will post step by step how I did my turquoise canvas in dining area.

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