August 7, 2015

From Tinkle Bell to Princess!

For the past half year my daughter's room has been getting makeover little by little. Not too long ago we scored this little rocking chair which was given to me by my dear sister-in-law Lana. 

Alyonushka loved it, but it did not really go with our princess theme in the room. At first I actually considered reupholstering it, but then as always tried to experiment with paint :) I've seen lots of painted upholstery on Pinterest. This is not chalk paint but just regular good ol' latex paint mixed with fabric medium. It suppose to prevent paint from cracking and chipping. The process is straight forward mix fabric medium with paint 1 part fabric medium two part paint, and ready to go. I used fabric medium by Martha Stewart Brand and loved it. You can buy this at any craft store like JoAnn's, Michaels or even Walmart.

Before painting any upholstery with this paint it's important to make sure that the fabric is nice and damp. I used old tshirt and water to complete this step, Alyonushka was more than happy to help.

Let's see first coat paint going, I got so excited forgot to take photo of it, so here's one with second coat going on.

And this one is with three coats of paint and fourth going on and still not nearly there.

I think it took me five layers of paint because it was thinner fabric and it had to absorb more paint. Also I did very thin layers. Excuse the light here, it was late at night.

After I was done painting the chair, I thought it look a little blah, better but blah. I decided to ad some accents. For this I used paint leftovers from bookshelf, by mixing with fabric medium. 

And here's the chair in its final spot!

Here's one more, just because :)

Enjoy Before and After

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