February 15, 2015

McQueen no more!

It has been forever since I've posted anything. So here it goes!  I got this little freebie a while back and it was just sitting there in the garage collecting dust.
This one really needed saving because old vinyl has ripped and I figured why not turn into something more comfy. I decide to spray paint legs with turquoise color because Alyonushka's room has sort of a theme of turquoise and black colors going on. (Don't mind the mess in the background)
I started by removing old vinyl and replacing it with new foam. But with this one I wanted the back of the chair to have nice curvy back.

I just traces old foam to the new one, sprayed with glue and attached it to the back and then staples the whole thing with fabric of my choice.

Then I repeated same step to the remaining two front sides. 

And for the final touches I've hot glued the trim and ta-da!
Now my 2 year old has cute little comfy vanity chair for her room. 

Here's a little recap

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