March 24, 2013

Rug on the budget

A while back I came across these square carpet tiles for my dining area, see my living and dining space is just one room and there was not a lot of it. I wanted some kind of carpet to separate the two, but didn't want to buy something that looks like rectangle. So I looked and looked for a perfect square and had no luck and then I found these perfect square carpet tiles (1sq ft x 1sq ft) I bought nine of them and put them together. These are perfect for the areas that have tile or hardwood flooring. The idea is that you put them one by one and thanks to their rubber back they won't slide. But in my case I have carpet all around the house (that's what you get for renting) so what I did with them was to gathered the carpet tiles together and on the back secure it with duct tape. After a while the carpet tiles shifted and it was not pretty, and to fix the problem I used hot glue to keep the peaces together plus duct tape just to secure that hold. The grand finale was to paint the trim with nice and bright color.
Now my dining and living areas are tied to each other because of the colors. This was one of the simplest project that I have done do far. Enjoy before and after!


  1. Ohhh you are so clever!! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it in person

  2. Great work. Thanks for your posts. Jen is encouraged to do some small changes around the house. We got the front light painted black. Looks new now. Table is next project.

    1. I saw the lamp that you re-did it looks all new and improved, great work :)

  3. The carpet look very pretty! :) Good job!